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  1. a funnel (usually) used in smelting, foundry work etc.

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A tundish is a receptacle used in metal foundries to hold molten metal, typically in a continuous flow process. It can also be used in filling molds.
The tundish allows a reservoir of metal to feed the casting machine while ladles are switched, thus acting as a buffer of hot metal, as well as smoothing out flow, regulating metal feed to the moulds and cleaning the metal.
Metallic remains left inside a tundish are known as tundish skulls and need to be removed, typically by mechanical means (scraping, cutting)
Historically, a tundish was a flat funnel used to fill a tun, or barrel.
It is also mentioned by James Joyce in "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man" as an English term, used in Lower Drumcondra, for a funnel.


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